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Lil Rembrandt

Lil Rembrandt

Lil Rembrandt
Lil Rembrandt is made from the same quality fabric you have come to expect from our PhotoThrow but in bright color! Children's drawings and artwork can now be transformed into a colorful keepsake that will be cherished for a lifetime. Their eyes will light up with joy as they proudly see their work knit into a beautiful blanket replicating the art in every detail including color. The child simply uses three colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and his/her imagination to create their own Lil Rembrandt. It works best with markers but can also be done with crayons, colored pencils, or even paint. Just remember, it must be made with the above three colors only and on paper that is a maximum of 8? x 11.

File Upload: For best results, image files should be in jpg format with no compression (300 dpi best).

This unique product may require creative cropping and composition. The photo may be enlarged so as to create the most beautiful rendition possible.

No lettering available.

30 x 40 Lil Rembrandt Throw : Our Price $60.00
40 x 60 Lil Rembrandt Throw : Our Price $70.00

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